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Sports Relief

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Mini Coach and Mini CK

Life on the pond.


Christmas at Short Wood


The children's Christmas performance created many magical memories for all.

The nativity animals were an amazing experience and brought the performance to life!

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, from all of the children and teachers in Nursery.





Christmas at Short Wood

Oh Christmas tree...

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The Children were very excited to see a Christmas tree had arrived in Nursery. They helped to decorate it, taking their time to make it look beautiful.


Autumn Leaves


Over at Squirrel School the children had noticed the trees had changed. The leaves were different colours and some trees had no leaves at all.


" I think Mr. Squirrel has been bending the tree and the leaves falled off." - Austin.


"After the wind, the leaves come down." - Rumaysa




Autumn Leaves

Pumpkin Soup


The children wanted to make something delicious to eat with the pumpkin.

After reading the story 'Pumpkin Soup' they shared thoughts and discussions and decided to make  pumpkin soup, with carrots and onions.

They also made their own seedy bread, with pumpkin seeds.


Some children chopped up the ingredients, some made the bread and others stirred the soup with the perfect pinch of salt.


We took the soup out to Squirrel School to share as a nice warm snack.

Pumpkin Soup



When the children explored apples they discovered the seeds inside.


"There was 100 seeds in there. They will grow a tree and apples will come."


"You cant eat the seeds, only birds eat seeds. We can eat the yummy flesh."


Then the children started discovering seeds in other fruits from their lunch boxes, at the snack table and inside the pumpkin.








Apple Crumble

The Nursery children made their apple crumbles using the 'Short Wood Project approach'.


First, they explored what a crumble looked like.

How it smelt.

What was the texture like?

What it tasted like?

Did they like it?


Then they had a go at making an apple crumble.

The children had to make their own decisions about how they would make a crumble.

What to do first.

Which tools would work best.

what to do with it once they had finished.


The final stage was to review their crumbles.

What did it look like?

What did it taste like?

What would you do next time?


The new Nursery 2019 starters have settled in really well. They older Nursery children have been helping the new children learn our classroom routines and have been teaching them how to be a wonderful Short Woody.


In the first weeks we have been for a walk around school and we have been on our first visit to Squirrel School.


The children discovered one of the apples trees had fallen over.

Some of the children thought it was because somebody had come along and hammered it down, others thought the tree had too many spiders and spider webs on it.

We collected some apples from the tree and the children would like to make their own apple crumbles.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams