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Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to The Nest page.

Meet some of the children who make The Nest such a special place to spend time:

The children spent time looking at their features in a mirror. They used these observations to produce self portraits in paint and clay.
Remembrance Day
The children printed their own poppies with paint.
Welcome to our puppet show!
The children use our puppet theatre to retell stories that we are sharing and to make up their own. Here the children are acting out their own version of The Owl Babies.
Christmas at The Nest

The arrival of the Christmas tree

The children loved decorating the Christmas tree. They took great care hanging their decorations that they had made using dried orange slices and natural greenery they had found at Squirrel School.

Our Christmas performance

Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem on their donkey. That night a special baby was born.

The angels appeared with a message

The shepherds watch their flocks by night

4 woolly sheep escape from the pen...

Follow the star *

3 Kings travel from the east on their camels

The children did a wonderful job telling the nativity story helped by a little robin and his animal friends

Racket the donkey

Stanley the turkey

Goldie and chicken

The rat


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams