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Mr Walker - Class 17

Community and Belonging

Welcome to Class 17’s webpage!

Hi, my name is Mr Walker and I am Class 17’s teacher. In Class 17, children are also supported by Mrs Jones, Mrs Cosh and Mrs Gruszczynska. 


Year 6’s topic for the Autumn term will be Community and Belong – you can find out more information by clicking the ‘Autumn 2021 Topic’ star link below.

The School Day:

  • Children can be dropped off between 8.45 and 9.00am, gates will be locked at 9.00am, pupils arriving after this time will be required to go through the office and will be recorded as late.
  • Pick up time will be 3.00pm to 3.15pm. Children left behind after 3.15pm may be asked to join After School Club and a charge will be applied.
  • Please continue to follow the one-way system in place to avoid bottlenecks at gates.
  • Each day the children need a coat, water bottle and packed lunch if they are not having a school dinner.
  • Suitable footwear – every day we will encourage the children to take part in the daily mile or other physical activities, so they need comfortable, safe footwear to do so.
  • Slippers can be left in school for children to change into.
  • All children need to have Wellies and waterproofs in school every Monday, to protect their school uniform, to take part in outdoor learning.
All uniform including outdoor clothing needs to be named.

PE days:

  • All pupils need to bring an appropriate PE Kit on their allocated PE days.  Class 17 will do PE on a Thursday. 
  • Track suit for outdoor winter games.
  • Plain black shorts/cycling shorts or leggings.
  • A school Royal Blue short or long sleeved T-shirt which can be purchased via the school website/ uniform shop or a plain blue or white top can be worn.
  • Training shoes suitable for outdoor games on the field and playground.
  • Swimming costume / trunks and towel - lightweight, long sleeve t shirts and leggings can be worn if necessary, for religious/cultural reasons.
  • A PE bag with the school logo is issued to every child when they start school to keep all PE clothes together.
  • No football shirts/strips should be worn and clothing should not have large brand names on them.

Reading and Learning at home:

if you child has lost their TTRockstars login, please let Mr Walker know and he will send out a new one.


ParentPay can be used to pay school meals and for any other trips / visits that are planned in school.


ParentPay is also used to give permission for activities beyond the daily curriculum offer, including for trips, visitors or other enrichment activities.


If you need any help or support setting up your ParentPay account please contact the team in the office who will be happy to help.

Keeping in touch:

We will continue to use Dojo as a way of keeping in touch. 


We will do our best to respond in a timely manner but please bear in mind that during the school day we are focused on teaching and learning with your children, and we do not monitor Dojo throughout the evening.


If you have an urgent request/message, please contact the team in the office.


Maths homework 24-6-22.

1 738 + 100 =

2 244 x 7 =

3 3.4 + 0.5 =

4 32 x 8 =

5 1025 + 432 =

6 749 ÷ 7 =

7 564 – 9 =

8 3.5 + 0.05 =

9 3 x 5 x 2 =

10 3/4 - 1/4 =

11 776 ÷ 8 =

12 2.34 x 100 =

13 52 = 0.5 x .........

14 40,400 – 500 =

15 100 x 200 =

Instructions homework 24-6-22.

Remember your brilliant set of instructions about how to capture a banchi? Can you write a set of instructions about how to survive SATs? Make them as funny as you like!

Memories Homework.


As the Leavers' Assembly is coming up could you write a short paragraph about : your funniest memory, your favourite memory and a memory about Mrs Harris. These could be from any time in your life at Short Wood.

Maths Game Homework.


Year 4 have asked us to help them learn their times tables up to 12 x12. Your task is to design a game that will help. It might have a board with numbers on, like Snakes and Ladders or it might have cards to pick, like Monopoly. Have fun!

Good evening!
The homework from now on will be to complete an exercise in each SAT Buster book. We have invested in these books as they are an excellent preparation for the sorts of questions which will come up in the SATs tests in May. Please support your child to complete the activities and we will work on any problems back in school. The books will be sent home on Friday and then need to be back in school by the following Wednesday. Thank you.

Maths 21-1-22.

Key Vocabulary:
common factor
greatest common factor
What are the factors of 24?
What are the factors of 56?
What are their common factors?
What is their greatest common factor?
Try this for 16 and 40.
Try this for 36 and 72.

Spellings 21-1-22.

Use your spelling strategies to learn these spellings. Write them in a sentence to make sure you understand their meanings.




Year 6 Anglo-Saxon Day 29th November 2021

Children used acrylic paint to produce a wolf portrait.

Mo, The Animal Man, visited our class and brought an amazing array of creatures!

Autumn topic web 2021

Year 6 weekly spellings for Autumn


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams