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Monday 6th July

Hello children, I hope you had a good weekend. Are you ready for a new story and new activities?


The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog


"I'm a big wide-mouthed frog and I eat flies," says the chirpy big wide-mouthed frog to the kangaroo, the koala, the possum and the emu. "Who are you, and what do you eat?" Then the big wide-mouthed frog meets a crocodile - and finds out that sometimes it's better to keep your big wide mouth shut!



Click on the link to hear the story.





“Who are you and what do you eat?”





The frog wants to know about the animals that he meets. He hops into your house and asks you:

“Who are you and what do you eat?” Please write your reply with your name and the foods that you like to eat. Don’t forget to use your Speed Sounds.

Speed Sounds formation





             ‘f’ frog                                   ‘k’ kangaroo and koala







       ‘p’ possum                                      ‘c’ crocodile




What other animals can you think of that begin with these Speed Sounds?


On a plain colour tray or large plate put a squirt of shaving foam or a cornflour gloop mix (1 cup of cornflour to 1/2 cup of water). Spread the foam or gloop over the tray. and write the sounds in the foam using your finger. This is a fun sensory way of practising letter formation.




The end of the story:










Can you write and draw the answers to these questions?

The last animal the big wide-mouthed frog meets is a  _______________________________________________________

What does the animal tell the frog that he eats?_______________________________________________________________

What does the wide-mouthed frog do? __________________________________________________________________________




How would you get away from the crocodile if he said he wanted to eat you?!!!

Talk about the sequence of the story. Which animal does the wide-mouthed frog meet first?                

Speed Sounds Set 1 for Nursery and Reception children:



Speed Sounds Set 2 for Reception children:


Red Words for Reception children:


Overall School: 95%

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