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Monday 29th June




Good morning

Year 5s and Year 6s

- let's hope we all have a great week!






Today's tasks:



Read your book for half an hour. In your reading diary, write a one sentence summary of what you have read today. What happened? Who were the main characters involved?


Tables practice

Choose a times table that you feel less confident with.  Time yourself writing out the multiplication and division facts for this table.  You can practise this week and then see if you can beat your own time on Thursday!



Friday's answers


1. 90

2. 91

3. 75.45

4. 42,562

5. 308.65

6. 51

Problem Solving

circle = 35       triangle = 12


Today's challenge

Remember, we'll give you the answers tomorrow.




This week we are looking at words which use 'ch' to make a hard 'c' sound.


Copy today's words carefully - scheme, schedule, scholar.


Circle the 'ch' in each word and look carefully at the letters on either side of it.

Make sure you know what each word means, then practise the spellings using your favourite strategy.



 A tent needs to be waterproof.

What materials do you have around the house that could make a waterproof tent?  (It doesn’t need to be life-size!)

Test the materials to see which one keeps out most water and for longest!

How will you make your test fair?



Design a workout that will increase your heart rate. It could include star jumps, running on the spot, lunges, squats or any other activities you choose!

Include 10 activities.


Try your workout yourself and then try to persuade a member of your family to try it with you!  If you both enjoy it, maybe do it every day this week?!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams