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Monday 22nd June





Good morning Year 5s and Year 6s - how are you today?


Read this quote - are you

a good listener and a good learner?

Try to be extra good at it today!



Monday's tasks



Read for half an hour and note down 3 useful adjectives from your book.  Can you use these in sentences?  You could write them into your reading diary.


Tables practice

Today make sure you are secure on multiplication and division facts for your 2, 3, and 4 times tables.  Can you recall these instantly?  If not, can you use strategies you were taught in class to improve this.



Friday's answers


1.   1,500

2.   33,245

3.   11.154

4.   161

5.   308.65

6.   0.83

Problem Solving

24 days


Today's challenge:

(Remember, we'll give you the answers tomorrow!)



Carefully copy today's words - expectant, hesitant.

Do you know what they mean?  Which part of the words might catch you out?  (Lots of people forget that the final syllable begins with an a)

Split the words into coloured sections to help you remember them and then practise spelling the words in the way that suits you best!



Design your own camp site on a grid like the one below.  You will need to include space for tents, a car park, toilet and shower blocks, a shop and anything else you want to add.

(You can print the grid - see attachment below - or draw your own.)









Use the rectangles on the grid to help you

plan the position of everything.

(Top tip - you may sometimes want to use half of a rectangle.)


When complete, calculate your area for each space made. (For example, the area of the car park, the area of the shop, etc.)

One rectangle equals 10 m².


Then calculate the total area you will need to use for your campsite.



There are 2 possible sites where  the campsite could be built.

Farm A is selling land for £20 per 10 m².

Farm B is selling land for £15 per 5m².


Which will be cheaper for you?




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams