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Monday 15th June


                             ‘The fish who could wish’                                                        by John Bush and Korky Paul 


In the deep blue sea,

In the deep of the blue,

Swam a fish who could wish,

And each wish would come true.







Click on the video resource link and go to the Early Years section to hear Claire read the story.


Speed Sounds               


‘f’ fish, ‘w’ wish have a go at writing the letters.

Can you think of more words that start with these sounds? Can you make a list?


f                                                      w

(Stretch: ffffflower                                                            (Bounce: wwworm

Handwrite: Down the stem and draw the leaves)                                           Handwrite: Down, up, down, up)

fish                                                       wish

flower                                                    worm

floor                                                      work



Words that rhyme


The words fish and wish rhyme. There are lots of rhyming words in ‘The fish who could wish’. Can you find any more rhyming words in the story or think of any yourself?

From the story:                                            Other rhyming words:

ski, sea                                       pie, sky

delight, night                                may, pay

                                               cat, hat


You can play a game with your rhyming pairs of words


From the story:                                            Other rhyming words:

ski, sea                                        pie, sky

delight, night                                 snail, whale

                                               cat, hat

I’m sure you have got lots of pairs of words in your lists. Write the words on small pieces of paper or card. (With a picture will make the game easier.) Mix the words up and then your game is to match them and then make a fun wish sentence with them.

For example:

Cat, hat       He wished for a cat in a giant pink hat.

Pie, sky        He wished for a pie to fly through the sky.

Snail, whale   He wished for snail as big as a whale.

Making a wish


It would be very exciting to be able to make a wish and for that wish to come true!

If you could make such a wish what would it be?

Can you write about it? Make sure you use your Speed Sounds to help you in your writing.. 













Speed sounds Set 1 for Nursery and Reception children.

Speed Sounds Set 2 for Reception children.

Red words for Reception children.

The fish who could wish makes lots of fun wishes that come true but he does not always think about how his wishes might affect the other fish. Were the other fish always happy about what happens when he wishes?



Overall School: 95%

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