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Monday 15th June

Hello year 3 and 4, We hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend.


Practice writing the following words. Make sure that your joins are clear.

Challenge: Write these words into sentences containing an adverb. Remember an adverb gives more information about the verb: how, when, where.


Last week you decided where you would most like to go in the world. Imagine that you are staying in that place. What is the weather like? What activities have you been doing? What food have you eaten? What is your accommodation like?

Write a postcard home including all of the information.


Can you include: a range of conjunctions and make it informal and chatty (tip- you could use contracted word eg don’t)


Times table

Go on teacher set activity for 10 minutes. Can you improve on your score?





Create a soundscape for a day at the seaside.


A soundscape is made up of all of the different sounds that help to create a sense of place.


You do not have to use instruments, instead we want you to use things from around the house or your own body and voice.


Choose 5 different things that you might hear at the seaside.

Examples, the waves crashing on the beach, seagull, children laughing , sandcastles being made . Now try to make sounds that sound like these .


Try it out!

Rehearse each sound separately.

Now put two different sounds together .

Keep adding your different sounds , try them in different orders. Keep rehearsing until you have found the best combination of sounds .

Perform to somebody else. Can they guess what each of the sounds represents?




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams