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Monday 15th June


Good morning Year 5 and 6 Short Woodies - hope you had a good weekend

and are feeling awesome!


Monday's tasks



Read your book for half an hour and in your reading diary record 5 adverbs you come across in the text.


Tables practice

Practise one of your times tables - choose one that you are less confident with. Ask someone in your family to test you on multiplication and division facts for your chosen times table.



Have a go at these arithmetic questions - we'll give you the answers tomorrow.



Write usual, occasional, then add the suffix -ly to make usually, occasionally.

Practise these four spellings using the strategies that work best for you. 

Do you split words into coloured segments? Do you use Speed Spell (writing the word as many times as you can in 1 minute)? Do you Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check? Do you put the words into a sentence?



Find your stretchy yellow man that was sent the post with your home learning pack.

Invent an adventure story for him and either

  • write it, including lots of descriptive detail, then illustrate it, or
  • draw it as a comic strip



Either print or copy onto paper these tangram pieces.  Colour each shape, then cut them out carefully.  How many different pictures can you make using the shapes?




Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams