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Monday 13th July

Good morning and welcome to your last week of home learning. 



Remember your times tables rock stars, it is so important you practice your times table every day! 


We would like you to use your garden or a local park if an adult can go with you to complete the following activities: 



Over the last couple of weeks we have been posting a chapter everyday from 'How to train your dragon' today we would like you to complete a book review. (We still have a few more chapters to go but please base your review on the story so far) 

We want to know what you thought of the book:

- was it exciting?

- did you like the characters?

- where you keen to find out more 

- are you desperate to know what happens next? 

- would you recommend this book to a partner?  

Cressida reads Chapter 15 WITH a special message from the WHO, UNICEF and the IPA

A special message from the WHO, UNICEF and the IPA, and Chapter 15, you can watch earlier chapters here: Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here: h...




Today we would like you to draw yourself carefully ready for your new teacher. (We hope you will be able to bring these into school for your new teacher in September, if not we might ask you to send a photo of your drawing to your new teacher when they contact you via dojo.) 

Follow the instructions below. 


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams