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Monday 13th July



Welcome to the very last week of

this school year!


Hope you're ready for one last week

of home learning!

Don't forget to send work to your teacher on Dojo - this is the last time you get a chance to show them how hard you're working!




Today's tasks:




Read for half an hour, then make a note in your reading diary of two questions you would like to ask the author of your book.  Make them questions which will help you to understand more about the story or the characters.


Tables practice

Draw yourself a times table grid up to 12 x 12 (there's one in your home learning pack that you could use to start).  Each day this week, time how long it takes you to complete the grid.  You should be pretty quick after all the practice you've had lately!



Friday's answers


1. 363

2. 45.44

3. 62

4. 376

5. 20,865

6. 40.5

Problem Solving

a = 23


Today's challenge



The words for this week all have a silent letter.

Copy today's words carefully and then circle the silent letter in each.

knowledge, knowledgeable, knee, knight


Now look carefully at knowledgeable - which 3 words is it made up of?


Practise all 4 of today's spellings using whichever strategies work best for you.



Last week you thought about 5 adjectives to describe yourself.

Today, make a poster to celebrate you - you're a very important person!  First draw a careful self portrait (you might need a mirror to help you). Then annotate it with your 5 adjectives - or anything else that is special about you!

(In school, we turned the 5 adjectives into 'star qualities' and wrote each one onto a point on a five-pointed star.)


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams