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Monday 11th May

This weeks work will be themed around the story Room on the Broom, written by Julia Donaldson.


Click on the link below to hear Miss Charman reading the story. 


You can also watch the animated story.

Room on the Broom

Speed sound practice

suitable for all nursery and reception children

look at the characters from the story ‘Room on the Broom’ below.  each character has a different initial sound.  Notice the letter card with the sound on and the rhyme to match, you can practice writing each sound onto paper, post its or a whiteboard.  It is important to encourage your child to write in lower case and follow the rhyme to form each letter.


Writing challenge  

Using your speed sounds choose one of the following challenges.


  •  Write a magic spell for the witch to say when she waves her wand 


  •  List ingredients for your own magic potion, continue the sentence “get a pot, put in…”


  •  Finish the sentence “on the broom I can see…”



Speed Sound mats to support sounding out words. Nursery and Reception children use Set 1 sounds, Reception children also use Set 2 sounds


Please encourage your child to use their Speed Sounds that they know to write. It is more important that they practice and have a go at using what they know than focus on the words being spelt accurately.   Some children will draw pictures, others use just the initial sounds in words, some even write whole words or perhaps sentences.  The important thing is that this is your child's own work and we are all proud of their effort and success.


Don’t forget to email your class teacher a picture of their writing challenge


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams