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Coin sorting - Use coins you have at home.

It’s the start of a new month- hello April ☀️
Have a go at making a calendar.

Sock Washing Line


Set up a washing line at child height. (Maybe tie some string between two chairs.) You will need pegs and several pairs of socks in different sizes (dolls, baby, child, adult). You can include some odd socks. 

If you mix the socks up then children can sort them, looking at colour and pattern. Encourage them to talk about what they are doing. What do they notice about them? They can peg the sorted pairs on to the washing line. (Which is also good for building hand strength.)

The focus can also be on size and length. The children sort, pair and compare. Can they hang them in order of size?   Source: NRICH



Make a collection of things such as balls, cars, pencils, books.

Sort them into groups. 
How are some things the same ?

Think about size, colour, way they work ( how high the balls bounce, distance a car travels, speed)

Make a set of dominoes. Collect some stones, draw or paint the spots.

Making shapes with sticks, you can lie sticks flat to make 2d shpes, add tape to attach sticks together to make 3d shapes.

Let’s get measuring!

Find a stick. Mark out with paints or pens. Write numbers on. 
Now get measuring, look around you house, what can you see? Measure it, draw a picture and write down the number. What is the longest thing/ the shortest thing? 


let’s get counting.

Take a look around your home. Collect things. Make sets of things that are the same in some way, such as spoons, cars, construction toys like bricks or wheels. Organise them by size, colour or shape.

Now count them! 

Make a board game. 
find a piece of card or paper and pens.

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Aiming High;Growing Dreams