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Listen to a story

New videos updated, Miss Lewis, Miss Charman, Mrs. Doult and Mrs. Weston share some of their favourite books for you to listen to.  Click the link 'Video resource centre'  below to watch now. 

The Book Trust website has lots of stories that you can listen to or read along with.

Follow the link below.

Dave’s Cave

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Mrs Harris reads Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston Gannon

Draw a picture of Dave’s Cave. How will you decorate it?

Mrs. Weston reads- Norman, The Slug With The Silly Shell

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Can you make a silly shell for Norman?

Paper Dolls By Julia Donaldson

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Mrs. Doult Reads Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson

Can you make your own paper dolls, what will they look like?


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Aiming High;Growing Dreams