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Key information

Please bring to school each day:


1: Coat and suitable accessories such as sunglasses and hats

2: Water bottle, each child has received a free of charge water bottle. Water only please.

3, Book bag, with reading book and reading diary




Please return homework on a Thursday, this is the night that homework will be checked and new homework given.  Please return all school reading books and reading diary's on a Thursday so that a new book can be issued.  Children are asked to have a book bag to carry their homework and books home. Due to the limited storage space please avoid sending in large bag packs, blue Short Wood book bags can be purchased from the main reception.



Pe is on a Wednesday.  Children will be sent home a Short Wood P.E. kit bag when they are asked to bring a kit in. until this point children will do P.E. in their uniform, removing shoes and socks.  Some children find it tricky removing and redressing and should be supported to practice this at home to develop their independence.


We love to learn outdoors, which means that we sometimes change from our regular Squirrel School day. This helps us to enjoy all the wonderful changes in the natural environment.   




Outdoor shoes, school shoes suitable for running around at playtime

Wellies, to be used for Squirrel School

Slippers, to be worn inside


Family sessions


Math morning: Monday 9-9.30

Story time: Friday 9-9.30


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams