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Harry Potter Club

Harry Potter Club

Miss Brogden and Mrs Loakes


Today the children met their fellow witches and wizards. The club introduced themselves to each other and shared why they were Harry Potter fans.


Zeba – Year 5 “My friend introduced me to it. Her book looked interesting. She lent me the Chamber of Secrets and I loved it. I am hooked! “


Ethan – Year 4 – “It is epic!”


Ellalouise – Year 6 “I love magic! The characters touch your emotions with the sad, happy and angry parts.”


Lena – Year 5 “I really like magic and once you read the first book, you can’t stop reading!”


Hayden – Year 3 “I like magic and I like the names of the houses.”


The children have looked at why the Sorting Hat makes its decisions and have made posters based on the personality traits of the four Hogwarts houses.


Great fun was had by all!




Today the children had fun making magic wands. They ventured in to Forest School to gather a special stick that would become the base of their wand. They have then used iPad’s to search for their favourite characters wand and designed their own from the picture. The children used papier mache to build their designs and they will paint and add detail next week.  


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams