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Get Active

Time to get your whole family moving!

Who can find...

* A toy with wheels

* A pair of matching socks

* 4 things that are green

* Something very soft

* A toy smaller than your hand

* A book with numbers in it

* Something you can see yourself in

Remember to make sure everything gets put back where it belongs! 

More easy, fun ways to dance and move our bodies with Elmo and Jason Derulo.                                        

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it, a positive fun way to move your body

Make some play dough and go down to the dough disco!

Squashing and squeezing dough is a brilliant way to make your hands and arms strong for fine motor activities such as painting, writing threading and manipulating tools.

Dough recipe

Dough ready? Let’s go to the dough disco!

Let's Go To The New Dough Disco...

Dough disco is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control. It is good before long writing tasks as a warm-up but essential every day exercise fo...


The children love to do yoga at school. Here are some ideas.

Cosmic Kids. Click on the link below. ⬇️

Get active with Coach!

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Family fun. Exercises with Coach.

Spotty Dogs with Coach.mp4

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High Knees with Coach.mp4

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Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams