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Friday 3rd July



Wiggly worm art









Next time you have spaghetti for dinner and there is a little left over, save it for a lovely, squishy, art activity! All you need is some cooked spaghetti which has cooled down, some paint and some paper.

Dip a piece of spaghetti into some paint and wiggle it across the page. Lots of messy fun but also creates some great worm like patterns on the paper.

An alternative is a spaghetti paint brush. A grown up needs to prepare the paint brush as it is prepared in hot water! Get a small handful of dried, uncooked spaghetti and tie it in a bundle with some string, an elastic band or an old hair bobble. Carefully dip the one end into hot water. Until that end is soft and can wiggle nicely. Take it out of the water and allow to cool. When it is cold it is ready to paint with.




If you do not have any spaghetti you can use string or wool dipped in paint to make your wiggly art.





There is a worm at the bottom of my garden and his name is Wiggly Woo


Click on the link to hear the song and sing along.



Wizard role-play








Using your magic wand that you made you can pretend to be a wizard and make up some magic spells. What will your magic spells do? Can you make someone dig for treasure like in the story? Can you turn someone into a frog or a statue? It is up to you and your imagination! Don’t forget, a wizard needs their magic wand and a magic spell or magic words. What will yours be?



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