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Friday 26th June




Happy Friday Year 5s and Year 6s.


Make sure you're enjoying the good weather and getting outside for some exercise whenever you can.





Friday's tasks



Read for half an hour and then write a one sentence book review into your reading diary.  Plan it first to make sure you know exactly what you're going to write.


Tables practice

You've had a chance to practise all your times tables this week so you should be much faster at completing a tables grid - challenge yourself!  Draw a grid like this one and add 11x and 12x if you're feeling confident!


Yesterday's answers


1. 1,384

2. 7


3. 97

4. 2,219

5. 1,950

6. 1


Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Practise all of this week's spellings again.





assistant, assistance

elegant, elegance

relevant, relevance

defiant, defiance

Ask someone at home to test you on a few of these words.  How many do you know?



Invent your own PE type game that could be played on a campsite.  Remember that space might be limited and you will need as little equipment as possible!  Try your game out on your family.



Write instructions for your game.  Include a list of equipment needed and give numbered or bulleted instructions.  Remember to use imperative (bossy) verbs like 'Put' and 'Run' and include labelled diagrams if this makes your instructions clearer. 

When your instructions are finished, see if someone else at home can follow them!  Do they work?



Overall School: 96.6%

Short Wood Primary School and NEST Nursery- Aiming high, growing dreams. School is re open for pupils in The Nursery Nest, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, as well as pupils of our key workers and other identified children. If you would like your child to return please call the school office so we can book them into a bubble. Our NEST Nursery still has 30 hour funded places for September 2020. For more information or to reserve a place please contact the school office.