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Friday 19th June




It's Friday already!


Do something today to make you stand out!






Today's tasks



Read your book for half an hour and then write a one sentence book review in your reading diary! (You may need to plan it first.)


Tables practice

Draw yourself a tables grid like this one and try to complete it in less time than it took you last week.










Yesterday's answers:


1.  93,527

2.  24

3.  425

4.  25.15

5.  0

6.  24

Problem Solving



Today's challenge:



Practise all of this week's spellings.









Ask someone at home to test you on a few.


Maths challenge

Choose something to investigate and present your findings in an interesting way, such as a chart, graph or poster. You could investigate anything that links to maths but here are a few possible examples - can you find out if they are true or false?

•             Adults are faster walkers than children

•             The tallest people have the biggest stride

•             The area of my house is bigger than 10m²

•             The number of black cars which pass my house is higher than any other colour

•             The longest shows are on television before midday

•             The temperature is always higher at 10am than 7pm

•             The longest blades of grass are always at the edge of the garden/field

•             The largest countries have the biggest populations

These are only ideas and you could choose anything you are interested in to investigate.


Have a great weekend!






Overall School: 96.6%

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