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Friday 17th July


It's the last day of the school year!  We made it!


Keep sparkling through the summer holidays and bring your sparkle with you on the first day of the new school year in September, whether you are coming back to Short Wood or are starting at a new school.


You should all have received a letter from your teacher by now - your own teacher and all the other teachers at Short Wood wish you well and want you to stay safe over the summer holidays.


And goodbye and good luck to Year 6s who are not in school - we know you will all be wonderful next year at your new schools!


Have a great summer everyone!



Today's tasks are in a slightly different order.


Year 5s

Look at your home learning pack and your letter from next year's teacher.  Complete the 'All About Me' sheet we sent you, telling your new teacher as much about yourself as you can fit in!


Year 6s

Have a look at the website for your new school and find out as much about it as you can.  Make sure you complete any transition tasks you have been asked to do.  Complete them beautifully - first impressions are important!



Read for half an hour and then write a short recommendation for the book in your reading diary.  Who should read this book?  Why will they enjoy it?


Tables practice

Your last chance to beat your own best time for completing your tables square!



Yesterday's answers


1. 1,250

2. 34,000

3. 94,085

4. 2/5

5. 19/20

6. 1,020.3

Problem Solving



Today's challenge

(You'll find the answers at the bottom of this page)



Practise 3 more spellings with silent letters - make sure you circle or highlight which is the silent letter to help you remember.

subtle, whistle, island





Arithmetic answers


1. 0

2. 2.3

3. 138.651

4. 1/5

5. 11/20

6. 20,502

Problem Solving

924 biscuits











Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams