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Friday 12th June

Have you got that Friday feeling?!  We hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Friday’s tasks:

  • Read for half an hour and in your reading diary record 5 useful adjectives from the story that are worth remembering.
  • Decide which times table you need to practise most and give it a go! Then have a go at completing a tables square like this one. Draw the grid for yourself and then time how long it takes you to complete.

  • Have another practice of this week’s spellings, then ask someone to pick a few to test you on.

sensible, sensibly

incredible, incredibly

terrible, terribly

horrible, horribly

responsible, responsibly                              

visible, visibly                                     How many can you get right?

reasonable, reasonably

tolerable, tolerably

adorable, adorably

considerable, considerably


  • You may have seen lots of ‘how to’ videos online. Use today to create your own video or script.
    First write a script so you feel confident in what you are going to say.
    Ensure you use imperative (bossy) verbs like: Put, Place, Take
    Use adverbs to explain how they do the action: slowly, carefully
    Use adverbials to make instructions clear: Then, Firstly
    Once it’s written, make your own video!
    It could be any topic you choose! Some examples: how to make a sandwich, how to do a dance, how to play a game, how to teach your dog a trick, how to draw a picture.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams