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Friday 12th June




Create an animal print


There are so many wonderful colours and patterns in nature! Can you draw, colour, paint an animal print?

Don’t forget your teachers would love to see your work. You can share it on your class Dojo.



Animal mask


You can make your own animal mask. You will need:                    


Cardboard (from an old cereal box works well)

Crayons, felt tips or paint

Glue or tape

String, wool or elastic



Ask a grown up to help you draw out the basic mask shape, you will need to check the size!

You then have a very plain mask, now for the fun part. You need to decide which animal you would like to be, maybe one from ‘The journey home’ like a panda. Find a picture of the animal and carefully look at it’s features. What are it’s ears shaped like, it’s nose or beak, it’s skin, fur or feathers, does it have whiskers, can you see any teeth? What colours are you going to need? You can make ears and other features by drawing them on to your basic mask shape before you cut it out or use extra card, paper or use some natural objects that you have found such as leaves or feathers and stick them on. Make a little hole either side to add the string or elastic.




I am an animal!

Now you have your mask practise making the sound that your animal makes. Maybe you could go on a journey like in the story, an animal far from home meeting other animal friends. What could happen? Where will you go?


Can you move like the animal? Does it run on four legs? Does it climb? Does it jump? Does it crawl or   slither? Does it run really fast? What food does it eat? How does it find it or catch it? 


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams