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Friday 10th July



Aboriginal art






Aboriginal art is a style of art that comes from the country of Australia. Look at the paintings. What do they have in common? What is the same about them?

They are all very spotty! Dot painting is often used in Aboriginal art and the themes of the paintings are usually nature and animals.













Have a go at creating your own Aboriginal art. You need paper and some paint or felt tips. Draw the outline of an animal or pattern and then go dotty! If you are using paint, then your finger tip or a cotton bud works well to create the dots. Don’t forget to share your art work with your teacher on your class Dojo.










Jamie’s Brain Breaks: Little Green Frog song

Click on the link to join in:









Cbeebies frog dance

Click on the link to learn the frog dance moves:




Egg box crocodile


Have you got an egg box or 2 in your recycling? These will make a perfect crocodile from the story.

Frog calls the crocodile: “knobbly brown log”.



What can you use to create a crocodile? Start with your egg box or boxes, some card/paper and some glue or sticky tape. What will your crocodile look like?











Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams