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Friday 10th July


Happy Friday everyone!

Read the quote above - do you know who Malala Yousafzai is and what her story is?

If not, try to find out a bit about her.


Today's tasks:



Read for half an hour and then, in your reading diary, write a one sentence summary of what has happened in your book so far.  Plan the sentence carefully before you start writing!


Tables practice

Did you get any answers wrong yesterday when you completed your quiz?

If you did, make a poster to help you remember those tables facts - put it up in your bedroom to help fix the facts in your head!

If you didn't, make a poster linked to your 12 times table to help with instant recall of those number facts.



Yesterday's answers


1. 1,847

2. 5.559

3. 3/20

4. 2 4/7

5. 4,657

6. 0.8

Problem Solving



Today's challenge



Have another go at practising this week's spellings.

ceiling, receipt, seize, conceit, receive, deceive, receiving, deceiving, protein, caffeine


Ask someone in your family to test you on a few - hopefully you know them all!



Plan and write a story inspired by the picture below.  Have a good look at the picture and decide what you will write about.  Will you write from the point of view of the person in the picture or someone walking into the room and seeing this scene?


Make sure you plan your story first using a storyboard or a mind map.  Go for 5 paragraphs.

Can you include conjunctions, a relative clause, ambitious vocabulary and lots of description?


Are any of the verbs, adverbs or adjectives you've collected from your reading book recently useful to include in your writing?



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams