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Exploring eggs:

This half term, we have been very interested in eggs. Firstly we got to see the eggs in an incubator and learn all about how they survive and grow in there. We then got to see and meet the chicks! We then made predictions of what is inside an egg from the shop, "a chick," "a yellow thing," "a yolk, it's yummy." When we cracked one open, we realised that there was a yolk. We also looked at duck eggs and how their yolk is much bigger than a chicken egg, and a quails egg and how their yolk is a lot smaller. We then carried out some experiments with our eggs:


Water and vinegar:

We put one egg in a cup of water, and one egg in a cup of vinegar. We predicted what would be the difference and what would happen, "I think it will go all fizzy," "there will be lots of bubbles." We kept the eggs in the cups for one day and found out that the outer shell had come off and the egg was very delicate and squishy.

Egg dying:

Our next experiment was to see what would happen to the egg if we kept it in glasses with different coloured fruits and vegetables, would it change colour? Why would it change colour? We used blueberries, beetroot and red cabbage. We found out that the red cabbage made the eggs go blue, "It went blue because the purple got old."

Planting in eggs:

We cracked open our eggs very carefully and got rid of the egg inside, we then used the egg shell to plant our seeds. First, we put compost in the egg and then chose what seeds we would like to grow; wild flowers, grass seed or cress. The children then wrote on the egg shell what they wish for this year.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams