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Class Assembly Autumn Term

For our Sharing Assembly on Thursday 28th November we talked about Kindness. We shared lots of ways that you can show kindness:

 Say good morning,

Write a letter to someone thanking them for something they’ve done or said,

 Say something nice to as many people as possible,

 Hold doors for others,


 Help someone if they fall over,

Go and sit with someone who is sitting alone (if they want you to),

Ask someone how they are,

Pick up litter.

We also talked about why kindness is important:

 Kindness makes people feel that they belong and helps to reduce bullying.

Being kind helps you to make friends.

Doing kind things for others activates the parts of the brain that make you feel happy.

Kindness can help you concentrate, as the good chemicals in your brain are released.

Kindness increases our sense of well-being.

Being kind to people encourages them to be kind too.

Kindness makes our world a better place for everyone!





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