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Class 8 - Mrs Fairgrieve

Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge

Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge  1 Summer reading challenge

Have a look at what we are learning about this term in KS1!


Our topic this term is- Planet Awesome


We will be learning all about the wonderful things on Earth and beyond, as well as how to do our bit to save and protect it.





Days for you to note down...


Monday - Outdoor Learning

Wednesday - Family story time 2:40-3:00

Wednesday - Homework given out to be brought back on Monday


Thursday - Maths morning 9:00-9:25

Friday PM - PE

Plantarium vist-29.04.19

Plantarium vist-29.04.19 1
Plantarium vist-29.04.19 2 We learned all about animals and their habitats
Plantarium vist-29.04.19 3
Plantarium vist-29.04.19 4
Plantarium vist-29.04.19 5
Plantarium vist-29.04.19 6


Overall School: 96.6% - Every day counts!

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