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Class 3

Science Week

                  We started our Science Week in school by exploring how things move. We made paper boats and used wind power to move them across the water. We investigated how the cars travelled down different surfaces using the ramps. 

We read the story 'Rosie Revere, Engineer' by Andrea Beaty. We estimated how far our 'Flying Machine' would travel, measured the distance and  recorded our results. 

Festive Fun

We've had a great day celebrating Christmas together in Class 3!

Autumnal Art Gallery

Our recent artwork has been inspired by seasonal changes. The children have explored the rich autumn colours, using watercolours to draw and paint the leaves we found. They have rolled and shaped clay to create acorns, looking closely at the markings and using tools to add detail. Using natural treasures the children have worked in the style of the artist Andy Goldsworthy to create land art and sculptures. 

We had a wonderful time meeting Mo, from Animals in Hands. He brought some animals for us to meet, including some of Percy The Park Keepers friends. We met a Barn Owl called Midnight, a hedgehog called Marylou and a rabbit called Thomas. We also met a skunk, two guinea pigs and a chinchilla. Everyone enjoyed meeting the animals and we were very kind and gentle as we held and stroked them.
W/C 14.9.20 This week we read the story 'Owl takes charge' written by Nick Butterworth. Percy the Park Keeper has caught a cold and isn't feeling very well. We made tea bags using freshly picked fruits and herbs to make him feel better.
Our first week in Class 3


Overall School: 96.6%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams