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Class 2


Animals In Hands

Today was very special. Mo, from Animals In Hands came to visit. He brought some of Percy The Park Keepers friends, Including an Owl called Midnight, a hedgehog named Marylou and a rabbit called Thomas. We also met guinea pigs, a skunk and a chinchilla. Everyone loved stroking and holding the animals.

In class, we have painted our favourite creatures and described them. 

This term we are reading Percy The Park Keeper stories.

 We read Owl Takes Charge.

Percy is ill with a cold and the animals want to help, but things go a little bit wrong.

You can watch the story here.

Percy the Park Keeper - Owl Takes Charge (1999)

When Percy catches a cold, Owl offers to help make a rake, plant a tree and paint the roundabout. But she isn't very good at remembering and gets them all mu...

We picked apples from the trees by the poly tunnel. Lily talked about the fruit winder she had for lunch and said how tasty it was. We decided we could make some with the apples and raspberries we collected. We drew the apples, looking carefully at the colours and worked together to make apple and raspberry winders.
We were inspired to get cooking in the mud kitchen too.
We decided to make Percy a warm drink to help him feel better. We went for a walk around school and picked herbs, heather, spearmint and lemon balm. We collected raspberries too. We added lemon, and ginger to give extra goodness and vitamins. First we washed the fruit, then chopped it and popped it into a paper filter. Then we poured in warm water. We all agreed, our drinks were delicious!


Overall School: 96.6%

Due to the naional lockdown, from 5/1/21 school is only open to pupils of Key Workers and identified pupils.