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Class 2

Class 2 Timetable 2018-2019

What are we learning in the Autumn term 2018?

Limekiln Woods: (24.04.18)

Today we went to Limekiln woods. We were very excited that we got to go on a red mini bus, going over bumpy roads, past horses in a field and under a bridge!


When we were at the woods we were exploring the nature around us, what nature is the same as Squirrel School? What nature is different? We were asking questions about the different parts of nature that we saw and learnt lots about them. We found lots of nature, insects and marks in the mud:

Lords and ladies, stinging nettles, carpet moss, brambles, holly, ivy, garlic, bark, silver birch trees, horseshoe marks, deer marks, the back of a deer (as it ran away!), a fresh stream, woodlice, beetles and bike tracks.


We had lots of fun learning about everything in the woods, especially when we got to jump in the muddy puddles!

Enjoying the mud!

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We've had some visitors! (March 2018)

We have had the fantastic opportunity of having chicks in school. The children firstly got to see the eggs and learning about the temperature it had to be. On a camera, we then got to see when the chicks hatched out of the eggs! Today, the chicks came to visit us in Class 2, we got to stroke them too!


"They tapped their beaks and made the egg crack and then they rolled out."

"Chicks, yellow and soft!"


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Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams