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Class 15 - Mr Hill-Shaw

Welcome to Class 15! 


Welcome and thank you for checking out our area!

As a class we are excited to share our work and special events so please check back regularly!




Key Information:



Monday PM

Thursday PM



Reading diaries will go home each night with a sticker in them with the colour book that your child should be reading. Children should aim to read for 15 minutes per night and will be awarded 1 dojo per time that they have read.


The school library is also open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school, where they can choose a book to be issued to them.



Will be handed out on a Thursday and needs to be returned the following Tuesday.

Children will be tested on their homework weekly and receive support to improve.

As of this year there will be Maths and Grammar homework weekly, there is an expectation to read on a regular basis as well as practising instant recall facts and times tables.


Water Bottles and coats:

Please make sure your child brings a reusable water bottle to school each day.

As the cold weather approaches, please also remember to send your child into school with a warm coat.


Class Dojo- Please check this regularly for updates on your child's work as well as any important information.



Children are encouraged to use Sum-Dog for at least 30 minutes per week and will be rewarded with 5 Dojo's for every 30 minutes they complete!



Our Spring Term Topic:

Myths, Monsters and Gods...

The Ancient Greeks.

Spring Term Topic Web

Our Autumn Term Topic:


Is there anybody out there?

Year Six Mars Rover DT Week!


As part of our Space topic in Year Six the children met a real NASA scientist Dr Green, who set the children a challenge to design and create a prototype model of a Mars Rover.

The children had to think accurately about measurements and the materials they would use as well as the processes of cutting, joining and finalising their piece.

Year Six Outdoor Week!

As part of our Space Topic, the children in Year 6 looked at the story War of the Worlds. Taking inspiration from this we looked at creating a number of art pieces and scientific structures based on insects and their habitats.



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Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.