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Class 12 - Mrs Kirby-Murray and Mrs Collingwood

Hello and Welcome to Class 13!


Welcome to Year 5 and Class 13, we have an exciting Autumn Term lined up. We will be looking at Roald Dahl's short story 'The Minpins'. We will discover who the Minpins are and who the Gruncher is. This will also give us an opportunity to explore the outdoors, looking into our Forest School and all of the trees growing around us. Do you think the Minpins really exist?


Key Information:


Children will be dropped off and collected following the one way system marked around school. The school gates will open at 8:45am till 9:15am.

The school gates will then open at the end of the day 2:45pm till 3:15pm. Please be prompt in collecting and dropping off. 


Your child only needs to bring a coat, water bottle and lunch each day. Do not bring other items as these will need to be quarantined for the 72 hour period. If your child has or is showing any symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not send them into school and contact the School Office immediately.


Any questions please contact me via our Class Dojo page.



Children have been sent a reading book home, this needs to stay at home until finished. Children will not be taking their reading diary home at the moment but should still be reading at home at least 3x a week. Dojo's will still be rewarded for reading. 


If you wish to send an image or a message regarding your child's reading at home, please do this through Class Dojo.  



Key Days: 

PE - Monday and Wednesday please come in your PE Kit for the day.

Autumn Term - In the Shadow of The Wrekin


Overall School: 96.6%

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