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Autumn Term

Week 9.12.19   The Christmas Show

Class 2 performed their Christmas nativity in the hall. Sadly, due to rain, we had to make a last minute change and weren't able to get outside. The children adapted really well and we were very proud of them! It was fantastic to see so many families there to support the children. 



This week we made pasta. We followed a recipe, using balances and careful counting to weigh the flour. We cracked an egg into our mixture and made a dough. We put it through the special pasta machine, which made it thin and long. We made layers of the pasta with tomato sauce and cheese to make a delicious lasagna. 

The love of reading - Dinosaurs!

Children In Need 

We had a fun day. We wore spots and stripes to school. We even Iced and decorated biscuits with spots!



This week we took time to remember all the brave people who have fought in wars to keep us safe. We made poppies and went to a special whole school assembly. 

Squirrel School 

We heard the witch had been to Squirrel School! We began to search for her. We found her hand... then we found different body parts. Alex said we needed ‘team work’ to move them. Everyone was keen to help. We put them together, but her limbs were heavy. We spent time balancing on her arms and legs. Her tummy was wobbly! 


'We balanced on the witch's tummy, it was really wobbly!'  Arya

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

We read a story about a witch. Watch, and listen for the rhyming words too.

Half Term Reading

Please find a link below to a fantastic site- Oxford Reading Owl - The children will know  Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy and will enjoy reading about them.

The Robinson Family, Kipper, Biff, Chip, Floppy, Mum, Dad, Wilf and Wilma


We have found some amazing fungus around school. Class 2 became great fungus detectives, working out where we were most likely to discover it. We discussed why it grows and noticed that it particularly loves to grow in damp places. We talked about not touching it, but to look with our eyes.

The children know that the red ones are 'dangerous', that they could 'poison' you!

Fungus around school

We made our own mushrooms with clay. We rolled it, squashed it, and marked it with tools, to create the delicate spores.

Can you see which mushrooms are real, or made by Class 2? We think you will agree, our mushrooms are amazing!

Week: 23.10.19

Autumn Leaves

We went on a walk to look at the leaves. What has happened to them?

We found some beautiful colours!

Our challenge was to find three different colours , acorns and seeds.

We read 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert.

We made Leaf Man collages.

Leaf Man.

Listen to and watch the story of 'Leaf Man' here.

Uploaded by Denise Jackson on 2017-02-18.

Perhaps you can collect some 'autumn treasures’ when you are out and about. Can you make a Can you make a Leaf Man?Leaf Man or animal from the story?


Making Short Woody Promises

This is a very special week. All the children, parents  and carers have signed a home/ school agreement. The children put their names and a special mark on a copper leaf. We gathered around the special Short Wood Tree and sang, 'The Power In Me'

Week 22.09.19

We have been exploring shapes this week. We started on Monday with a fantastic Family Maths morning. It was wonderful to have so many families join us.

We went for a walk and looked at the trees around school. There are so many different varieties. We discovered fruit trees (apples and pears), seeds and berries.

We celebrated harvest with a special assembly. Thank you to everyone who donated food to the Wellington Kip Project.

All the Reception children have received a special book bag gift. We hope you enjoy sharing the stories.


Week: 16.09.19

This week we revisited the apple tree at Squirrel School. The children had lots of stories to tell. Everyone was sorry about the tree falling over. Umaima gave it a heart, to send her love. Lots of children gave the tree a hug. We also collected berries, flowers, grass and feathers to make medicine for the tree. Isaac said we needed to rub it on the trunk to make it feel better.

We found that trees are good for climbing and great hiding places too!


We are making film stories about Squirrel Stories.

The apple tree and the rat.

Still image for this video
Mason used the Puppet Pals App to tell his story.

First Days In School

The children have quickly settled into school. It has been lovely to see so many new friendships blossoming!

We went over to Squirrel School to see if the apples were ready to pick. We were amazed. The tree was so full of apples it had fallen over! We crawled along the trunk, twisted the apples from the branches. We took them back to school, drew and painted them. We also made delicious apple crumbles. We made bird feeders by pushing seeds into the apples. We used a hand drill to make a hole through the middle and hung them on the trees.

Well done to Maddie and Nadia, our first Golden Leafers this year. They have been asking questions and showing a real 'can do' attitude towards their learning.

We have had our first experience of P.E, exploring balls, hoops, climbing frame and running activities.



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams