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Autumn Term Learning

Class 1 timetable

Autumn Term Learning 2018

Class 1 wearing their poppies for Remembrance Day.

Hansel and Gretel story telling

Promise tree. Today Class 1 visited our special tree in Tim's garden to make their Short Woody promise.

The children have been using mirrors to look at themselves. What can you see? What do you notice about your face and features? They have used their ideas to complete a self-portrait using different materials and techniques.

This is what the children noticed

“My face a circle. I have eyes, I have a mouth. I have black hair” – Maqbool

“I have my hair, black. My nose, my mouth, hairs and ….. finished!” – Abdullah

“I got a nose. I got hair. I got a mouth so I can eat and talk and some teeth so I can eat. So I can do anything. Legs so I can walk. I got a black bit in the middle of my eye so I can see” – Caitlyn

“My eyes are blue. My shirt is blue. My lips are red. My tooth is yellow. My earring is gold” – Harry

“My nose, my eyes, my lips, my teeth. Red lips. My hair are shiny” – Nazia

“I can see my face. Them brown, brown is my face. I can see my hairs. I can see my teeth my teeth are white. I go to doctors…check my teeth” – Ehsaan

“My own self. If you look in the mirror you can see your own self. Ears, eyes…brown…I can blink. I can see my nose. I can see my lips. I can see my head. In my eye I can see myself” – Toby

“I can see I got hair…yellow. My face. My lips you could put lipstick on them. And I can see my nose so I can sniff. I can see my eyes. – Mia



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams