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Autumn term learning

Christmas time in Class 1


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Father Christmas came to visti

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9.12.2019- Christmas around the campfire

Mud, mud, mud!

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"The rain made the puddles!"


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Enjoying Autumn

Capturing nature through art



This week we have been making fresh pasta, following a recipe we have been cracking our own eggs and measuring out flour.  Once the dough has been made we have used a pasta machine to roll the dough into thin sheets of pasta and layered it with tomato sauce and cheese to make a lasagne.

Remembrance day

Week beginning 4.11.19


This week we have been celebrating bonfire night.  The children have enjoyed making toffee apple slices, responding to moving light and creating firework art, using instruments to make the sounds of fire works and moving our body to show how the fireworks dance in the night sky.

Exploring wasps

Squirrel school, colour hunt and sliding down the muddy hill!

week beginning 21.10.19, adding leaves to the Short Wood promise tree

3,10,2019 Exploring the school grounds

The first fire

Week beginning 30.9.2019


Noticing changes in season through observational drawings and paintings of Autumnal leaves.

Week beginning 23.9.2019


This week at Squirrel School the children have started to practice fire lighting skills.  Using fire steels and with 1:1 adult support the children have made sparks.  Next week we will develop on from this by attempting to light a small fire using our new skills.  We are going to build up to lighting a larger fire that we will be cooking our dinner on. 

Week beginning 16.9.2019

Week beginning: 16.9.2019


This week at Squirrel school the children have continued their investigations into the mystery of the dead rat.  The children were hunting for clues as to how the rat had died.  Children were given free time to explore the meadow and discover lots of natural treasures. 

Week beginning: 2.9.2019


The children had a lot of fun exploring the meadow at Squirrel School.  They came across a dead rat, the children began to think about how it might have died and ways to say goodbye to it.  Some children chose to pick wildflowers and fruit to leave as a farewell gift, others said kind words and some sang.  Steve, Short Woods site manager came and took the rat to its final resting place.

The children began to think about how the rat may have died. "The tree fell down and squashed him" Scarlett, "The witch got him!" Edith, "It was a fox" Tamheeda, "It was a cat" Alfie.  Back at school some children made dens for the rats at Squirrel School to live in so that they could stay safe. Other children used a video creating program to tell the story of the dead rat.

The dead rat and where to find him


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Children picked the apples from the apple tree at Squirrel School, back at school they explored the apples through art, drawing pictures and focusing on the many colours that appear on the apples. Each child had the opportunity to bake their own apple crumble and follow their own ideas about how to prepare the apples for their crumble.  The apple crumbles were delicious and the children will have the opportunity to follow on from what they have learnt when they tasted their apple crumble and implement it in their next cooking project.

The apple tree


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams