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Autumn Term

We have had some beautiful weather to start the term off! We made the most of a sunny day to enjoy a nature walk. The end of summer / early autumn bounty meant that the children were very excited to find apples growing on trees and blackberries were growing in the brambles! We have one apple tree on the Squirrel School site which fell down in storms a couple of years ago, fortunately the tree is still alive and producing apples! This means the children can get a close up experience to the tree which would normally be out of reach for them.

In the Spring, the children who were at The Nest planted some seeds in our vegetable patch. This term, the current group of children explored what was growing. They found some interesting leaves, they did some digging and some pulling and found carrots!

We then had lots of lovely little carrots. The children decided they would like to eat them for snack time. They had a lot of scrubbing to do first!


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams