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Autumn Term

Owl Babies

This term we have loved reading the story of Owl Babies. 

We now know the characters from the story really well. 

(Sarah, Percy and Bill who live in a tree with their owl mummy)

We told the story inside our classroom at the puppet theatre. We also went out to Squirrel School to look for signs of owl nests. We found a Robin, it had a bright red chest and sang us a beautiful song.

Our Short Wood Promise.


We promise to be super Short Woodies by putting our copper leaves on the tree. 

The afternoon children joined the whole school in singing 'The Power in Me' anthem at the tree ceremony. 

We are proud to be Short Woodies. 

This is Me

We have been exploring magic colour mixing and matching skin tones using paint. 

We painted self portraits using our bespoke paint.  


We went for a walk to get to know our new environment. 

On our walk we found apples growing on some of the trees. We also met Malcom, who is the gardener at our school. He helped us pick some apples from the trees. 



Overall School: 95%

Aiming High; Growing Dreams