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Autumn term 2018

Who are you? What do you eat?

Still image for this video
The Children in Nursery used the Puppet Pals app to create a video sharing their lovely art work.

The Children's interest in birds continues.

At Squirrel School the Children made bird feeders to entice more birds to visit.

Some of the children dipped pine cones into honey then rolled them in bird seed before hanging them in the tree. The afternoon Children slotted sliced fruit and vegetables they thought the birds would enjoy into pine cones and hung them in the playground.  

Bird Feeders

The Children found feathers at Squirrel School. They were very worried that the birds had lost their feathers and they would need them for flying and keeping warm. The Children came up with lots of lovely ideas about how to give the feathers back to the birds.

"I can throw them up to the sky" - Jake

"We can feed the birds and leave the feathers out for them to get" - Afiya

"If we sing them a song we can tell them, because they are scared" - Arya

The Children listened to the song from different birds and had a go at making their own songs.

They looked carefully at the feathers and wondered which type of bird the feathers came from.

This term the Children found apples growing on some of the trees. They picked them and brought them back to the classroom to take a closer look. The Children drew the apples, looking carefully at the shape and the colours. They also used them to make sliced apples with cinnamon and apple crumble.

Autumn Apples


We have continued to enjoy working with autumnal nature.

After starting the term collecting apples and making crumble, we have this week used the apples to count. Some of us have started to make jottings to record our ideas.


Pumpkin scented playdough

We have some big pumpkins in Nursery. They are so heavy! We were curious about how they felt, smelt and tasted. After looking inside them, Miss Lewis made pumpkin scented playdough. We pressed shapes into it using conkers, twigs, leaves and stones.


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams