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Autumn term 2018


The children have found out about Diwali this week. They made Diva lamps from clay and decorated them.

Tree Ceremony

Today Class 2 hung their leaves on the tree in Tim's Garden and made our Short Woody promises.

The children have been using mirrors to look at themselves. What can you see? What do you notice about your face and features? They have used their ideas to complete a self-portrait using different materials and techniques.

This is what the children observed.

“Round and I’ve got this type of hair… curly and it gets messy sometimes. Eyes. Teeth” – Amelia

“Circle. Two eyes. One mouth. Two spikey teeth. I have some ears, I have two ears and I have hair it’s curly well we cut some but now the curls are starting to come alive, that’s when they start growing.” – Ashton

“Circle. Two eyes. Eyebrows. Mouth so you can talk…its nice because I made it.” – Ehman

My dreams is all about them, being an artist. Sometimes hair is in my eyes. A spot right there. Eyes are round, I can see a mouth. Curly hair.” – Lola

It’s round. I have hair. Ears…two ears. Nose, two nose holes. One mouth. Two Eyes. One neck. And my chin. Black things in my eyes and hairy bits (eyelashes).” – Oakley

“I going to look at the colour of my eyes first, blue and white. Circle…my face round. My ears and hair…yellow.” – Harley

“Circle, eyes, nose, mouth.” – Michael

“I got some hair, eyes and eyebrows. Lips and tongue. Teeth for biting things one of them is broke cause I’m growing up. My face is an oval.” Yoseph

“I can do some smiles…it has chocolate pudding on it. Nose, you got your mouth and your eyes and your ears. I had my hair cut last night, look. I’m drawing my glasses.” – Wyatt


Overall School: 96.6%

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams. School is now closed - we will only be open for pupils of essential workers and vulnerable pupils. Please only bring your child to school if you have NO OTHER option for childcare provision, keep your children at home if possible as this is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you.