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Autumn term 2018

The children have been using mirrors to look at themselves. What can you see? What do you notice about your face and features? They have used their ideas to complete a self-portrait using different materials and techniques.

This is what the children noticed.

“I got black hair. All the different colours of my eyes… white, brown and black. I got a medium face. My neck. And I got white teeth. My lips are red. I’ve got a smile because I’m happy today.” – Archie

“It looks good, I’ve got two tooths missing, my tooth is growing. Hair, eyes….black, light, blue and dark blue and white. Nose its got snot in it. Its got nose gums in it…it keeps our nose safe. Circle. – Riley

“This is a funny nose, clown has a funny nose. Its me I got peach colour (chooses skin tone)” – Pranavi

“My face. I got red lips. Round round. My nose. I’m gonna do my tongue.” – Yusuf

“My round face. I got loads of hairs like mummy. I got little eyes” – Ruby

“My cheeks they’re all red. I got my eyes in my eye balls. About my nose it’s long. Smiley face. I gonna do my tongue and eyeball.” – Maya

“I got round face, head. I got ears, mouth…talk, I got eyes, hairs, chin and a neck.” – Kyle

“It’s like a circle, I can see my uniform as well. (Betsy talks about her skin) It’s so brown from the sunshine. My nose, you sneeze when something inside your nose. And I can see my eyes when you’re sleeping you close your eyes.” – Betsy


“Big one balloon. My nose. It’s scared face. Scary because someone is naughty.” – Moiz

“My face is white, circle. My eyes is yellow. My face is so big.” – Ionela

“It’s got blue eyes. I got long hair. I have a mouth so I can sepak. I got nose. Circle.” – Azaria


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams