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24th March 2020

Start the day with some exercise.

You tube Joe Wicks –



Read the comprehension about rainforest tribes.


Answer the following questions

  1. Where is Akra’s home?
  2. What is the area like in which she lives?
  3. When does she get up and go to bed?
  4. Why does Akra not go to school?
  5. What does she do instead of going to school?
  6. Why is the rainforest valuable to the tribe?
  7. What does Akra mean when she says she lives in harmony with the rainforest?
  8. What do the tribe do when they are not working?
Have a break in the garden - enjoy the sunshine. 


Complete the following calculations.

Spend 10 minutes on times tables rockstars.


Have some lunch in your garden - enjoy the sunshine. 

Science - Find out about the water cycle.

End the day with some relaxing Yoga


Overall School: 95%

Aiming High;Growing Dreams