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Who's Who

Staff have promoted pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development outstandingly well to create a highly positive culture and ethos where all groups have an equal chance to succeed without discrimination.
Ofsted 2015


Senior Leaders

Mrs Susan Harris-Head Teacher / Designated Safeguard Lead
Mrs Gail Butele – Deputy Head /
Designated Safeguard Lead

Mrs Hazel Waterhouse – Assistant Head/SENCO/Designated Safeguard Lead
Mrs Sarah Sergeant – Assistant Head


Teaching staff

Miss Eleanor Beedles

Mrs Lesley Bridger –ALT

Miss Kerry Brogden

Miss Jane Charman

Ms Susan Charnley

Miss Natalie Coleman

Mrs Claire Collingwood

Mrs Jane Doult – ALT/Co-ordinator

Miss Lucy Esfandiarinia

Mrs Rachel Fairgrieve – Maternity Leave

Mrs Elinor Jones – Maternity Leave

Mrs Julie Jones - ALT

Mrs Rachel Kirby-Murray

Miss Anna Lewis

Mrs Diane Lowndes

Mrs Emma Loakes

Mr Dean Peckham – Co-ordinator

Mrs Gina Powis

Mrs Catherine Roberts

Mr Matthew Shaw – Co-ordinator

Mrs Dawn Simons - ALT

Mr Tony Skeggs – peripatetic music teacher

Miss Tracey Smallman

Mrs Laura Saunders – Co-ordinator

Miss Vicky Towers - ALT

Miss Alyssha Thurston

Miss Elizabeth Watkiss

Mrs Emma Weston

Mrs Pauline Yates-Ward


Support Staff

Mrs Rafina Ahmed
Mrs Shazeha Basharat
Miss Nasreen Begum
Mrs Danielle Beevers
Mr Richard Butler – Sports Coach
Mrs Sharon Byrne
Mrs Helen Caton
Miss Roslyn Chesters
Mrs Rebecca Cosh
Mrs Amanda Edwards
Ms Sharon Ellis-Caswell
Mrs Debbie Felton
Mrs Jo Frost
Miss Claire Gough
Mrs Martyna Gruszczynska
Mrs Jane Griffiths – Inclusion Manager /
Designated Safeguard Lead
Mrs Claire Jackson
Ms Kim Link
Mrs Dawn Llewellyn
Mrs Heather Preston
Mrs Valerie Pryce – Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs Louise Revitt-Szydlowska – Learning Mentor
Miss Gemma Scott
Mrs Amy Taylor
Mrs Assia Usman
Mr Stuart Will – Education Welfare Officer



Mrs Sue Jarvis  – School Business Manager
Miss Melanie Jones - Receptionist/Clerical Assistant/Attendance Administrator / Principal

Lunchtime Supervisor


Site Managers

Mr Steve Clarke-Site Manager
Mr Colin Newport – Caretaker
Mr Chris Glover – Caretaker
Mr Malcolm Green – Groundsman


Lunchtime Supervisors


Miss Phoebe Barnett, Mrs Shazeha Basharat, Miss Nasreen Begum, Mrs Rukhsana Bibi, Mrs Laura Curzon,Miss Claire Cutler, Mrs Joyce Crooke, Mrs Stephanie Davies, Mrs Jane Fordham, Mrs Jo Frost,Mrs Martyna Gruszczynska, Mrs. Claire Jackson, Miss Kerry Jefferies, Ms Kim Link, Mrs Alison Rowley,  Miss Emma Skowronek, Mrs Amy Taylor, Miss Sharon Turner.



Overall School: 95.1% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.