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Science Week

Can you change cream into butter investigation


The children were looking at changing states.

Class 16 investigated if they could change cream into butter. They felt, smelt and tasted both the cream and butter beforehand to help make their predictions.

They worked as team to shake, whisk and mix the cream to find out if you could  really change cream into butter. After a few minutes we already started to see the cream thickening. We started to notice that the colour started to change from white to yellow...a lot like butter. Finally, we had made a yellow solid that looked just like butter. The children were surprised to see that not only had we made butter but there was also another liquid like milk at the bottom of the container.

We found out that as the cream is shaken, the fat molecules get out of position and clump together, eventually clumping so much that butter forms. At this point the fat molecules have clearly separated from the liquid in the cream.

Cornflour and water experiment


First, the children made predictions and looked at what happened when you mixed flour and water.

After that, they made predictions about what would happen to cornflour and water when they were mixed together.

We found out that when a 'push' force is applied to the mixture, this squeezes out the liquid particles therefore making the mixture into a solid. When there is no push force, the mixture returns back to a liquid.

We had lots of fun feeling the strange solid/ liquid mixture.



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