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Week: 15.10.18 Feelings

The Promise Tree 

This week we added our own copper leaves to the Short Wood promise tree. We gathered around with the whole school to sing ‘Power in me’. During our first term in school we have been learning what it means to have friends and be kind, try our best and feel happy. Everyone now understands what it means to be a true Short Woody. We will all continue to remember what the leaves mean throughout the year. Pop across to your class pages to see the photos!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Story telling: Hansel and Gretel

We have been reading  the story of Hansel and Gretel. The characters all have their own story to tell, and we see so many different feelings. 

Gretel: She’s the sister, she has beautiful brown hair. She’s feeling sad because of the witch. Gretel go’d in the oven but she was magic and tricked the witch and pushed her in the oven first. 


Hansel: He is the brother. He’s a sad boy because they left him in the woods. The witch locks him up and feeds him because she will eat him.


Dad: He left the children. His face is sad and he has tears. He has a scratch on his nose and he has a hammer to kill the witch. He’s so naughty to leave the children, he’s older.




Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel 1 'Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!'
Hansel and Gretel 2 The Gingerbread house.
Hansel and Gretel 3 The children should run away!
Hansel and Gretel 4 Gretel: She was magic and tricked the witch.
Hansel and Gretel 5 Hansel: He is sad, he was left in the woods.
Hansel and Gretel 6 Dad: Those are his tears.
Hansel and Gretel 7 Witch: Scary eyes, pointy nose, blood fingers!
Hansel and Gretel 8 The witches make cinnamon sweets.

The Witches dance

Still image for this video
The Witches danced and cast their spells

08.10.18 What happens when we eat?

This week we had some questions. 

What happens to food when you put it in your mouth? What is taste? Does all food feel the same inside your mouth? What do we like/ not like? Why?

There were so many ideas and thoughts about this.

Toby said: Bite, chew, open your mouth up and down. Then the food goes down your throat. Crunch it eight times them swallow.

Ashton: When you swallow you push the food down.

Maqbool: Bite with your teeth, they go up and down. Your teeth are strong. They crunch food up and make it little.


Eating. What happens to the food?

Yosef told us: An orange has lots of cells and  it attaches its cells to our body. When I eat the toast it is going to be soft like slime, squishy.

Riley: My gums were telling me the taste.

Avin: The food falls down my neck.

Kyle: It's going into my blood I think.

Eshaal: My tongue told my  yoghurt was strawberry.

Betsy: The end of your mouth pushes the food into your tummy, then to your legs and then out of your bottom.

Week 01.10.18- What's inside?

Our Reception scientists have been very busy investigating this week. We wanted to explore what's inside pumpkins. What resilience and great use of tools! Everyone cut, sliced and hacked away at those tough pumpkins until we got inside them. It was very exciting to discover slimy fibrous strands and lots of seeds. Then we recorded our discoveries by painting what we saw.

That got us wondering - what's inside our bodies? We drew out our ideas. Next week, we will be finding out how our teeth break down food. We will also be tasting and thinking about the different textures of the food we eat.

Scientists exploring pumpkins

Recording what we noticed about pumpkins

What's inside our bodies?

These are some of our ideas...

Martha H: A body. It has blood all around. Bones everywhere! A brain in your head.

Alina: A tummy, a face talking. Fingers and legs.

Ehman: Blood inside our bodies. If you cut your hand and get a plaster you're better.

Archie: Our body has got bones. Lots of bones, right in our tummy and you feel them in your arms.

Maizey: A brain, like calm brain in your head. You can bleed  all over you when you scratch. Blood is everywhere. There's a heartbeat.

Maqbool: Brain's in the head, it thinks. A heart, it helps him breathe and keep him alive. It makes a boom boom sound. Eat fish and rice to be healthy. Blood is just in all the time.

Mia: Bones everywhere, they are hard.


What's inside our bodies?

What's inside our bodies? 1
What's inside our bodies? 2
What's inside our bodies? 3
What's inside our bodies? 4
What's inside our bodies? 5
What's inside our bodies? 6
What's inside our bodies? 7
What's inside our bodies? 8

Week 8-13 October is Libraries week

This is a nation wide celebration of libraries. The theme this year is wellbeing. Libraries across the country will be showing how they are bringing people and communities together.

At Short Wood we would like to bring our school community together for special story times in our school library. This week, Mr. Shaw will read on Monday, Mrs. Doult on Tuesday and Mrs. Sergeant on Thursday.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Man on the Moon

Week: 24.09.18 

Preparing for harvest.

Another busy week in Reception. We have been  preparing for the harvest flower festival at Christ Church this weekend. A shed was built, flowers arranged and the church decorated! It looks beautiful. We hope you are able to visit, the church will be open this Saturday and Sunday.

Preparations for the Christ Church harvest flower festival

Please remember to bring in your PE kit.

Still image for this video
Wyatt has made a film to help you remember what you need. You can leave your kit at school.
Please remember to name everything.

Week: 17.09.18

The Mosque

The Reception children walked to the Regent Street Mosque this week. We went with some of the year 6 children. It was a beautiful sunny day and we saw lots of interesting things along the way.

When we got there, we took off our shoes and sat on a big red carpet. We found out about Hajj and how Eid is celebrated. Back at school, the children drew maps of the journey and wrote about the experience.

A map of our journey to the mosque.

A map of our journey to the mosque. 1

This is Maqbool's map.

'We lined up in a long line. We held hands with the big children.We went past the balloon sun, a little road, two trees and lots and lots and lots and lots of bushes. We saw two people doing their flowers. We went past some red, yellow and green traffic lights. I saw two butterflies and a snail. The snail was going to mosque too!'


The outside and inside of the mosque.

The outside and inside of the mosque. 1
The outside and inside of the mosque. 2

Riley wrote about his visit to the mosque.

Riley wrote about his visit to the mosque.  1
Riley wrote, ‘I am at the mosque. I sat on the carpet’. He used lots of letter sounds and after sharing his work with Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Butele, recieved two very special stickers! Well done Riley.

First two weeks in school and nursery.

The children have settled in so well! They have been out and about, walking around the school grounds. They noticed that the apples were ready to pick. The Nest children collected Crab Apples at Squirrel School and the Nursery and Reception children picked apples from the trees by the poly tunnel.

The children washed, peeled and sliced their apples to make delicious crumbles. They decided how to prepare the apples and how to add the crumble mixture. Everyone enjoyed tasting their baking.

 The Nest children are now getting ready to make Crab Apple jam.

The Reception children wrote about their experiences and created beautiful art work.

Picking The Apples

Making Apple Crumble

The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly.

The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 1
The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 2
The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 3
The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 4
The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 5
The Nest children made Crab Apple jelly. 6

Drawing Around The Apples. Taking A Line For A Walk.

Drawing Around The Apples. Taking A Line For A Walk. 1
Drawing Around The Apples. Taking A Line For A Walk. 2
Drawing Around The Apples. Taking A Line For A Walk. 3
Drawing Around The Apples. Taking A Line For A Walk. 4

Reception Apple Art Gallery

Reception classes 2018-2019

Family Transition Evening

In July we had a wonderful evening with our new families. We shared the activities we do in school and everyone  joined in with sports, art, maths and forest school. It was great to spend time with everyone and we are really looking forward to seeing you in September!


Overall School: 95.1% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.