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Harry's Day

Each year Short Woodies do a brilliant job of celebrating Harry's Day in memory of Harry Johnson and this year is no exception! We had a 'bubbletastic' day that started with bubble themed maths and finished with 'The Great Short Wood Bubbleathon'.
In maths, we worked in teams to see how many bubbles we could pop in 1 minute. The children took it in turns to blow the bubbles, pop the bubbles and time the event. We all had a brilliant time!
In the afternoon we made bubble paintings by mixing washing up liquid, water and colouring. We had great fun blowing down our straws to make the liquid grow with bubbles. Our last job was to put our paper over the bubbles and see the patterns on our page.
Finally, we finished our day with 'The Great Short Wood Bubbleathon' where the whole school gathered on the field to send bubbles into the sky. We had a great time blowing bubbles with our friends in Class 8 and the rest of the school.


Overall School: 95% - Every day counts!

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