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Food, Glorious Food!

As our topic this term is 'Food, Glorious Food', we have been experiencing lots of different skills needed in the kitchen. We had a visit from the cooking bus where we learnt how to make Chow Mein. We started by talking about the foods and where they come from. All of the vegetables we put into our Chow Mein were healthy which means they help us to grow big and strong. We worked in pairs to prepare and cook our delicious dish before eating it. It was scrumptious!  

We then used our new chopping skills to make a colourful fruit salad. The children remembered how to safely make their hand into a 'bridge' and 'claw' to hold the fruit still before chopping. We added; apple, pear, orange, banana, grapes, kiwi. Finally, we poured a mixture of orange juice and lemonade on the top. Once we had all made our fruit salad, we ate it under the shade of the oak tree.

Later in the week, we used our senses to identify different flavours of chocolate. We put on our blind folds and tasted the five different flavours. Mint flavoured chocolate was the most popular whilst plain milk chocolate was the least favourite.


Overall School: 95% - Every day counts!

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