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Class 14 - Mrs Powis and Mrs Roberts

Family Sessions

In Year 2, we love to invite our parents in to listen to a story and to help us with our Maths.

If you are a parent, our special day are :


Tuesday 2.40pm - Parent Story.

Mrs Roberts will read a story to match our Topic Up, Up and Away or maybe from a great author like Julia Donaldson!

Thursday 9- 9.20am - Maths Morning

There will be activities and games related to the skills we have been learning in Maths. Come and join us to see what your child has been learning and ideas for how you can help them at home.


Important Dates

Monday - Swimming for Year 2 - 9am

After the Easter holiday, there will be no more swimming for the Year 2 children until after the SATs.  

Thursday - PE 2:15pm



Home work is given out every week.

Maths and Spellings are given out on alternate weeks, linking to our learning.

Please look at the date at the top of the sheet to find out when the homework is to be returned.



Spring Term- Up, Up and Away!

RAF Cosford Trip

Year 1


Year 2

DT Kite Workshop!


Thank you to all of the parents/carers who managed to make it to the kite workshop last week! We had a great turn out and the children made some fantastic kites! 

Over the last few weeks the children have been very busy preparing for the kite workshop, making their kites and evaluating them!


They started off by looking at and exploring a selection of kites focusing on: the materials used, the design and shape of the kite, and how easy it was to use.

They then designed their kite choosing their own materials based on their scientific investigations. They explored a range of cutting and joining techniques and looked at the equipment they were going to need in order to make their kite.

After the design process, the children worked alongside their parent/a grown up, to follow their design and make their very own kite!


Once they had finished their creation, they went outside to test their kite to see if it worked. They evaluated the success, saying what worked well and highlighted what they would need to change in order to improve it next time!



A few weeks ago, the children wrote a letter to 'The Happy Chick Company' asking if we are able to have some eggs in school which were almost ready to hatch! We were sent 10 eggs and over the last few weeks, the children have been very busy observing the eggs and then caring for the chicks once they had hatched. They all had a turn at holding them, carried out many science investigations to do with eggs and learnt about the life cycle of a chicken. Mrs Byrne has now adopted the chicks and cares for them at her house along with her other chickens keeping us updated on their progress!

Below are just a few of the pictures taken during this exciting time!

Autumn Term- Let's Celebrate!


The children learnt about Diwali. They made Diva lamps and learnt about the story of Rama and Sita!

Bonfire Night!

After learning about Guy Fawkes and the reason in which some people celebrate Bonfire Night, we had our very own Firework Extravaganza!



Overall School: 95% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.