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Class 11 - Mrs Loakes

Hello and welcome to Class 11!

Days to remember:

  • Swimming - Monday
  • Homework due - Monday
  • PE - Friday
  • Reading diary check - Friday

Look at what we're learning in the Autumn term!

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Anti Bullying Week - RESPECT


During anti-bullying week the children have had lots of conversation about the importance of being respectful. We are all unique and all have special to celebrate. We believe that we need to concentrate on the good in people rather than the negative.

In the words of Kid President, " Before you say something about the BBQ sauce on someone else's shirt, think about the BBQ sauce on your own shirt first."


This is the acrostic poem Class 11 wrote together:



Overall School: 95.1% - Every day counts!

Short Wood Primary School - Aiming high, growing dreams.