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2D Shapes and Pumpkin Carving

In Class 8 we love to work practically!


In Maths we have been looking at 2D shapes. We started by searching for shapes outside on the playground where we found a whole range of 2D shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and even diamonds!

Picture 1
Picture 2

We then transferred our skills to our indoor learning where we drew 2D shapes onto a paper pumpkin as a design to follow when we began carving. First we carefully cut the top off the pumpkin and then removed all of the seeds from the inside using a spoon. When our pumpkin was empty, we drew a face and carved it in with our partner. It was a messy job but we had lots of fun!

At the end of the week we took our shape knowledge back outside where we made 2D shapes with pieces of string. We thought about our fingers as corners of the shapes and were able to make a variety of shapes. Although, we did find it easier to make a circle on the floor because it has no corners! We love working as a team in Class 8!

Picture 1
Picture 2


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